ULIP - To digitize India's Supply Chains

25 Feb, 2023 2:01:25 PM / by Transport Corporation of India Ltd




The pandemic-accelerated tech adoption across sectors has demonstrated the efficacy of a collaborative approach between the government as the enabler and private sector as the developer towards producing world-class solutions aimed at greater good of the nation & the globe, making the country not just ‘Atmanirbhar’ but making the world ‘Nirbhar’ on ‘Bharat’.


When we talk about the product identified to digitize India’s supply chains, Unified Logistics Integrated Platform (ULIP) has been on the top of the priority list, with all eyes on it for phase-wise implementation. The main objectives of ULIP are to:

  • Enable paperless processes for logistics in India by facilitating ‘one nation - one permit’.
  • Leverage the emerging technologies for data collection, data analysis and prediction.
  • Standardization and integration of data sources.


This holistically aims at enhancing the efficiency and reducing the overall logistics cost by resolving major challenges of the current (mostly unorganized) logistics sector, including:

  • High Order Intensity Ratio
  • Transportation Roadblocks
  • High Cost due to mode imbalance
  • Shipping
  • Lack of skilled personnel
  • Slow transition in upgrading technologies
  • Warehousing related issues
  • Silo working
  • Ever increasing fuel costs
  • Government policies and bottlenecks
  • Communication
  • Working Capital, etc.


We, at Transport Corporation of India Ltd. (TCI Group) have already registered ourselves on the platform & have tested some of the application programming interfaces (APIs) available on ULIP. In a recent conversation with Money Control, Mr. Vineet Agarwal, MD – TCI said that the company expects custom clearances and cargo movement clearances to be available on the government's Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP) in the next two-three quarters. He added that a lot of stakeholders need to really come on board for this to start happening and becoming a reality. To read his full conversation, click here: https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/expect-custom-cargo-movement-clearance-to-start-on-ulip-platform-in-2-3-quarters-tcis-vineet-agarwal-10001571.html 

Till date, 150+ private players have registered and activities to promote ULIP and onboarding more players are ongoing.


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