TCI at Transport Logistic 2023

31 May, 2023 3:01:05 PM / by Transport Corporation of India Ltd



A big thanks to all the visitors for meeting us at Transport Logistic Trade Fair held in Munich from 9th May – 12th May 2023.

It was truly an enriching experience!


Four days, full halls, hundreds of exhibitors, enthusiasts from all across the globe and a dynamic industry still on the rise. It enables the whole ecosystem to share experiences and learn from each other, thus accelerating the growth process.


This event takes place in Munich every two years and is considered the world's largest trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management, attracting people from across the full logistics spectrum.


Despite the headwinds, the logistics industry continued to reinvent and redesign solutions over the last few years and kept the supply chains moving. Logistics warriors (TCI Yodhas, as we call here) enabled the movement of medical necessities, groceries & other essentials from the place of production to consumption centers. Logistics industry evidently held center-stage along with medical practitioners and health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


From then to now, the importance of sustainability in addition to tech adoption has been the talk of the town. The same being, one of the most common themes at the fair, this year. Rightly so, because the steady increase of global trade and freight transport is having a major impact on CO2 emissions. The industry must examine how its activities are conducted and implement tangible initiatives to make them more sustainable. This is an exciting time for the industry as it makes its contribution to the green transition.


We, at TCI have a robust ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance framework and are working towards further strengthening it. Team TCI continues to achieve value for its customers through a solutions-based approach in India and the neighbouring countries. Our rail and coastal multimodal services witnessed growing demand with GHG emissions savings being a clear goal. We enabled our customers to save 1,58,877 Tonnes of CO2 equivalent in terms of GHG emissions in year 2021-22.


Our commitment to sustainability has been further cemented with the recent launch of TCI-IIMB Supply Chain Sustainability Lab in collaboration with IIM Bangalore. The lab aims to assist the corporates & the logistics industry in their net-zero journey.


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