Tech Driven Operations at TCI

13 Dec, 2022 3:50:16 PM / by Transport Corporation of India Ltd


At TCI, we continue to push the envelope of technology adoption and integrate digitalization across our verticals. This enables us to achieve operational excellence and create value for our customers.

  • Value Based Relationship

To improve customer & supplier experience, we’ve adopted tech-enabled solutions like:

  1. Customer Relationship Management App
  2. Supplier Relationship Management App
  3. Order Management System


  • Decision Support Systems

Solutions like Logistics Control Tower, Business Intelligence Tools, Route Planning & Optimization Systems integrated with Advanced Analytics, Robotics Process Automation, ML & AI help us provide end-to-end visibility & enable better planning.


  • Core Business Operations

To unify business processes & facilitate real-time collaboration, we have adopted solutions like:

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning
  2. Workforce Management System
  3. Fleet Management System
  4. Tyre Management System
  5. Procurement Management System
  6. Freight Exchange Platform
  7. Ewaybill, GST, E-Invoice

Using technologies like: N-Tier Architecture, Android Applications, Version Control System, Bidirectional Communication Protocols, Diversified Frameworks and Technology tacks.


  • Security & Business Continuity

We’ve adopted complete information security posture and multi-layer threat inspection for prevention of cyber-attacks, ransomware, malware, cross-site scripting, date loss, etc. This enables:

  1. Endpoint Detection and Response
  2. Advance Threat Protection Network & Web Application Firewalls
  3. Security Protocols & Policies
  4. High Availability Disaster Recovery


  • IT Infrastructure & Database

We have relational and non-relational database management technologies in place along with diversified operating systems and technical inventory. Solutions like Cloud Computing, Data Warehouse Management System, Version Control and Repository systems have helped us in:

  1. Providing better client service
  2. Increasing Productivity
  3. Flexibility, agility & scalability
  4. Instant Deployment & Easy Maintenance
  5. Strengthening Networks


  • Configuration & Integration

For fast, encrypted and secured data movement, we’ve adopted:

  1. GPS & GIS Services - Location and Route Geofencing
  2. APIs
  3. IOT Devices - RFID, Temperature Sensors
  4. Barcode Scanners, GPS devices




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