TCI bagged the Maritime Excellence Award in the category of Multimodality

20 Oct, 2023 6:10:15 PM / by Sanjana Grover, Transport Corporation of India Ltd.


In a significant feat, the Transport Corporation of India Ltd. (TCI Group) has been bestowed with the distinguished Maritime Excellence Award at GMIS 2023. The Ministry of Ports, Shipping & Waterways recognized TCI for its contributions in promoting multimodal logistics in India's logistics landscape.

GMIS, the Global Maritime India Summit, serves as the eminent platform for recognizing entities that exemplify excellence, innovation, and leadership, thereby influencing the trajectory of the Indian Maritime Industry. 

Six Decades of Unwavering Commitment:
With a rich history spanning over six decades, TCI Group has consistently evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of global supply chains. A key factor behind the company's  success has been the development of a robust and adaptable logistics network that seamlessly integrates various modes of transportation. This holistic approach has significantly curtailed transit times, reduced costs, and heightened service reliability, offering a multitude of benefits to clients across diverse industries.

The Significance of Multimodal Logistics in India:
Multimodal logistics, plays a pivotal role in offering a comprehensive and versatile approach to moving goods, which is particularly crucial for a country as vast and diverse as India. By integrating road, rail, and sea transport seamlessly, multimodal logistics not only enhances efficiency but also drives down logistics costs, aligning with the objectives of the National Logistics Policy. Furthermore, it facilitates improved connectivity between various regions of the country, thereby fostering economic growth and accessibility.

TCI's Green Logistics Initiatives:
TCI's focus on green logistics has been instrumental in reducing the industry's environmental footprint, notably decreasing greenhouse gas emissions across their customers' value chains. This commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with the broader goals of eco-consciousness and corporate responsibility.

TCI Seaways: Leading the Charge in Multimodal Coastal Operations:
TCI Seaways, a prominent division of TCI Group, stands as a leading player in India's multimodal coastal shipping sector. Their comprehensive presence along the western, eastern, and southern ports of the country allows them to specialize in coastal shipping services, container and bulk cargo movements. Their additional services, such as yard management, warehousing, and rail logistics, have earned acclaim for enhancing supply chain operations.

Dedicated to Delivering Excellence:
This esteemed recognition at GMIS 2023 reaffirms TCI's ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional end-to-end integrated logistics and supply chain solutions. As Maritime Excellence Achievers, TCI Group continues to be a trailblazer in the Indian Maritime Industry, setting benchmarks, propelling innovation, and spearheading the importance of multimodal logistics in India's growth and development.

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Corporate Communication Executive at Transport Corporation of India Ltd. (TCI Group)