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30 Aug, 2023 12:27:46 PM / by Sanjana Grover, Transport Corporation of India Ltd.



Over the course of last three years, supply chains across have gone through a paradigm shift. From automobiles, consumer goods, B2C/D2C, all have adopted a ‘PHYGITAL’ approach of functioning. When it comes to the evolution of chemical industry in India, the numbers say it all. It has grown significantly, almost triple in size during the last decade & is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12%-15% by 2025, with its estimated value reaching to a whopping USD 300 billion*. However, for chemical supply chain in India, wherein the ‘PHYSICAL’ aspect currently faces the challenge of lack of investment in logistics infrastructure & ownership of physical assets; ‘DIGITAL’ for tech-adoption & being ready for emergency response, the question of – ‘IS IT ACTUALLY READY TO CHANGE?’ still cannot be answered with full confidence. There’s a lot to be done for the chemical logistics industry to be at par with the growth story of India’s chemical industry and more importantly be counted amongst its peers.

As we know that chemical logistics is a specialized domain that requires expertise to effectively manage the risks associated with chemical handling, logistics and storage, so we, as the logistics fraternity need to answer some tough questions, like:

Should a driver who carries chemicals be paid premium for his skillset?

Should there be norms for the clients to rise above the dilemma of COST V/S SAFETY?

How do we bring in change that’s sustainable?

Yes, at TCI, we have been doing our bit to resolve these challenges & enable processes that help the chemical logistics industry make its mark, like D2C has. We are investing in assets, like ISO Tank Containers, that are game changers for safe and secure transportation of chemicals, both hazardous and non-hazardous. We promote multimodal movement as it is cost-effective & helps reduce the overall carbon footprint.

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