Shipping hope across India’s logistical roadmap

6 Nov, 2020 11:32:52 AM / by Transport Corporation of India Ltd


An exclusive story by MOTORINDIA, in conversation with Mr. Jasjit Sethi, CEO, TCI Supply Chain Solutions to discuss the firm’s contribution towards India’s freight movement


Once limited to transportation, the logistics industry in India has matured into one of the most important sectors enabling the continued strong economic growth in the country.

A large portion of this fruitful journey can be credited to the rapidly evolving technological landscape which is not only revolutionising consumer demands and purchase patterns but also transforming the logistics sector supporting every economic activity. Today, the logistics industry has mushroomed its presence into just about every aspect of our lives. Right from sourcing to distribution, warehousing, and reverse logistics to payment collection, packaging and customer brokerage facilities – the logistics sector is practically keeping India on the move by providing producers and consumers with an expansive access to resources and supported by technological advances making it one of the most exciting sectors.

While the long strides in the country’s manufacturing, agriculture and retail sectors, India’s logistics ecosystem is anticipated to stretch its progressive streak, the emergence of e-commerce in recent years, on the back of the rapidly advancing digital technology is further fuelling the growth in these sectors. A recent media study reaffirms this optimistic future by stating that the Indian logistics sector estimated at USD 215 billion by 2021 and is expected to grow at double digit growth rates over the next 5 years. While many players are contributing to this elevated growth, one company that stands out is the Transport Corporation of India Limited (TCI), India’s leading integrated multimodal logistics service provider. The company reported a strapping group revenue of Rs. 4,300 crores in FY 2019-20, which is indicative of TCI’s multifaceted presence across the country’s logistics ecosystem.

Standing the Test of Time

TCI has grown from a single truck plying on a single route to becoming India’s leading integrated multimodal logistics service provider. It is with amalgamation of many diverse forces that a complete solution emerges. TCI’s range of services encompasses the entire gamut of supply chain services from the point of origin to the final end customer. Its distinctive combination of services gives it the ability to create customised solutions for every customer. As TCI approaches the new millennium, it is well equipped to take on new challenges with a host of exciting services that will further strengthen its presence in India and Asia.

Shining a light on the company’s six-decade long voyage, Jasjit Sethi, CEO, TCI Supply Chain Solutions says, “In the year 1958, the company embarked on a journey that progressed from ‘One Man, One Truck, One Office’ to India’s leading integrated multimodal logistics service provider with a global presence. Today, the TCI brands sprawls across an extensive network of 1,400+ IT enabled branch offices, managing a fleet of 12,000 trucks in operation, and 12 million square feet of warehousing space – all of which is functioned by a trained workforce of more than 6,000 employees.”

“We are committed to extending integrated surface transport solutions to diverse sets of customers across the world. Our dedicated fleet of own and business partners of 5,000 trucks and trailers ensures seamless freight movement services across the country.” Riding on such intricate operational frameworks and extensive service offerings, TCI is deemed as one of the most premier organised freight services providers with a pan-India presence.

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