Logistics Industry Outlook in 2022

5 Apr, 2022 5:49:56 PM / by Transport Corporation of India Ltd



Logistics, being an integral part of essential service network has yet again proven its capability to adapt and deliver. The pandemic has paved the way for innovation in logistics and one such case in point is of how a mission critical logistics driver’s fitness can constantly be monitored through Fatigue Meter readings. As a result of which, he can be signaled to stop and rest, as and when required. Ensuring that speed of the vehicle remains as per norms and GPS tracking at control tower are amongst other technological advancements that not just maximize visibility but save lives!

In a constant endeavor to rethink and redesign supply chain solutions, the industry has been moving in the right direction to meet rising demand post the economic slowdown caused due to second wave. From exploring and adopting new technologies to shifting regulations to ensure complying with BRSR, ESG, GHG norms – there has been a highly competitive environment.

Logistics players who have embraced a combination of latest trends and established business strengths have seen an uptick. There has been an exponential growth in last mile deliveries and the industry has gone through an end-to end transformation in handling its operations. Adoption of WMS (warehouse management system), on-demand warehouses/fulfilment centers, end-to-end customised solutions, push towards multimodal especially rail and coastal, big data analytics, self-driving carrier trucks, use of automated vehicles, drones and EV have been certain important talk points/trends of the industry.

With the launch of significant government initiatives like ‘Gati Shakti’ Master Plan for multimodal connectivity, a smooth logistics infrastructure development is being looked forward to in the coming years. With a monetization and execution plan in-place, this surely is the right move towards creation of an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. It will give a big fill-up to supply chains, help in cutting down needless logistics cost and reduce turnaround time in 2022 and beyond.

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