Logistics Focus: Technology, Automation & Productivity: The Dawn of New-Age Warehousing (Aug 2019-Jan 2020)

24 Aug, 2020 12:45:59 PM / by Transport Corporation of India Ltd

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Ever wondered about the journey of warehousing in India?


From being glorified godowns to the modern, technically-fitted floors with computerized specifications! We’ve travelled far, indeed!


“Technology, Automation & Productivity: The Dawn of New-Age Warehousing“, the second edition of Logistics Focus for year 2019-20 brings to the forefront the significant part that warehousing plays in any supply chain. It is the fulcrum for procurement, manufacturing and distribution services which collectively build robust economy.


In addition, data-driven, flexible and robotic automation solutions further improve the performance while retaining the agility to adapt to tomorrow’s changes. Post-GST with the removal of checkpoints, reduction in cargo movement time and replacement of multiple state and central taxes; there is a strong case for consolidation of warehouses.


The current issue talks about the post-GST warehousing aspects in detail whilst also highlighting how the new-age technology is shaping the warehousing dynamics today.


To read the issue in detail, visit: https://bit.ly/3dyIEFF


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