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14 Sep, 2022 5:03:29 PM / by Transport Corporation of India Ltd



At TCI, we understand the need of adapting to the ever-evolving times. Today the world is talking about ESG, post the urgent need to take action on the global crisis of climate change. However, we had envisioned the need for sustainable operations almost a decade ago and therefore pushed towards integrated multimodal logistics and promoted shift from road to rail and coastal multimodal solutions.

Today, TCI has a strong multimodal network that includes 3 AFTO Trains, 6 Coastal Cargo ships, 8000+ Marine Containers, 650+ ISO Tank Containers servicing all of India and SAARC-BBIN nations. By providing reliable, cost-effective services with as little environmental impact as possible, we help our customers unlock their business potential. Our industry-specific solutions for Automotive, Industrial, Retail & Fashion, Healthcare, Technology and Renewable Energy help customers in those sectors succeed. Thus, defining the PURPOSE of “Everything Logistics”.

We help our people grow. Our people, whom we also call ‘TCI Yodhas’ are the heart of our business and are responsible for the long-term success of our company. TCI employs more than 3,500+ direct employees and 6,000+ outsourced associates. Regardless of the function or position, we respect our employee’s rights and work to provide them with a safe, healthy and nurturing workplace where everyone has the chance to grow and develop their talent.

We grow shareholder value, creating profitable growth means balancing solid, above-market organic growth and an active expansion strategy. Measured by revenue and profit margins, we’re one of the industry’s leading players. It gives us a strong market position. It is also a foundation for continuously growing our business over market-level everywhere we operate.

We help societies grow. We do business with integrity, respecting the dignity and rights of individuals in all cultures and countries. We believe in giving back to the communities we operate in, while finding new ways of cutting our operational environmental footprint.

At TCI, we have created and are enhancing an ESG structure that can offer sustainable logistics solutions to our customers.

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