Applications of Chat GPT for Indian Logistics & Supply Chain Sector

17 Apr, 2023 12:34:18 PM / by Transport Corporation of India Ltd




Over the past few years, technology adoption has been solving some of the most fundamental problems of the logistics industry. There has been a visible paradigm shift in consumer behaviour primarily fueled by technology; be in E-commerce, Fin-tech, Health -tech, media, supply chains etc. AL & ML are buzz words. Now, we see GPT 4.0 is at the cusp of being the next revolution.


The GPT 4.0 is based on user’s search intent. Its NLP (Natural Language Processing) enabled image processing and is a very interesting feature. This feature of visual search and mapping ability will be the core of most Logistics related innovations. From the onset we see its applications spanning across the entire Logistics value chain spanning over corporates, MSMEs as well as small freight operators (SFOs). Integrated multimodal logistics players like TCI would benefit across multiple functions like operations, invoicing, documentation etc. The key benefits will be reduction in wastage delivering better turnaround times. Human intervention in repetitive tasks will be minimal. This will naturally lead to reduction in overall logistics cost.


The benefits will extend to areas such as delivery operations, reverse logistics, relationship management, account-based marketing, quality control, business analytics as well as asset management resulting in higher efficiencies.


The most evident application of GPT 4.0 will be in predictive analytics. The wear & tear faced by warehouses, vehicles, ships, aircrafts, and material handling equipment can be addressed with near perfection due to elimination of human bias & errors.

For the quality control functions, the image processing capabilities can perform real-time monitoring & super-vision for ensuring accuracy of packaging, loading unloading and stockpiling/stacking of cargo.


At TCI,  we welcome this change brought about by Chat GPT and will continue adoption of new technological advancements.


To know more, read the authored article by MD - TCI: 


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