Exclusive conversation of Mr. Ajit Singh,CEO, TCI CONCOR with Celerity magazine on Multimodal Logistics

Exclusive conversation of Mr. Ajit Singh,CEO, TCI CONCOR with Celerity magazine on Multimodal Logistics

TCI Concor MultimodalBy TCI Concor Multimodal August 28, 2019

Here is the coverage of an exclusive conversation between Celerity magazine and our CEO, TCI CONCOR, Mr. Ajit Singh, wherein he shares his view on how the future belongs to multimodal logistics.

While discussing future strategies to leverage on multimodal opportunities he has mentioned that sooner or later, there will be no way around offering environmental friendly and economical alternatives to road freight transport. The future belongs to multimodal logistics. For this to take shape, we need sound transport management. Many issues have to be resolved in advance, including volume of goods and requirements of such as routing times. It is then possible to determine which consignments would benefit us from a modal split with regard to economy. The pressure on companies to address multimodal logistic options are growing, but the concepts must be intelligent. Therefore, it makes sense to develop these with specialized partners.

TCI identified this gap and hence the opportunity few years’ ago.The company started offering the customers solutions through rail – both container and normal rakes (TCI CONCOR), Coastal Ships (TCI Seaways). Also, TCI has nearly 5000+ containers of our own for dry and liquid bulk” Adding, to that he spoke about how last-mile connectivity is critical in any logistics solution; more so, with the use of multimodal transport system, as it lessens the risk of loss and time; pilferage and damage to the goods at trans-shipment points, specifically the chemicals.

TCI CONCOR runs dedicated rail services on all major train routes in the country and are linked to the existing CONCOR scheduled services and hubs.Rail side or port side warehousing eliminates the need to create a separate hub and thus reducing the cost. This acts as a node for a hub-and-spoke network. In addition, technology for last mile deliveries plays a big role. He further mentioned that “We, at TCI, CONCOR have an app-based solution to ensure that cost and operational efficiencies are passed on to our customers.” Read More <https://bit.ly/2YLzhOb>

TCI Concor Multimodal
TCI Concor MultimodalTCI-CONCOR Multimodal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Joint Venture between Transport Corporation of India Ltd. (TCI) - India’s leading logistics and supply chain solutions provider and Container Corporation of India Ltd. (CONCOR) – the leader in the domestic container transportation business.

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