Integrated Cold-Chain Network

Integrated Cold-Chain Network

Jasjit SethiBy Jasjit Sethi May 18, 2018

“A focused approach, use of technology and integrated network is driving us forward”, asserts Mr. Jasjit Sethi, CEO- TCI Supply Chain Solutions.

Q 1. How do you plan to bridge the existing gaps in cold chain?

Ans: With its capital-intensive equipment, strict temperature adherence & dependence on energy, the cold chain has always been a very demanding logistics segment. This sector is now grappling with additional challenges: from increases in sensitivity & quality standard to continually mounting regulations. With the increased volume due to economic growth, there is a very high requirement of cold chain services in the Indian market, but level of cold chain services availed by the service seekers is very low. This gap exists due to various reasons: firstly, due to the mindset of service seekers that cold chain service is very costly. So, the service seekers prefer to produce & sell their products locally. Secondly, there is a lack of end to end integrated supply chain in the cold chain industry. Quality is compromised in the supply chain as currently cold chain services are available in pieces, due to which there is breakage in temperature.

To bridge these gaps, development of an end to end cold chain solution is the need of the hour. TCI, being one of the leading logistics companies in India, is planning to develop a robust integrated cold chain network in the upcoming years to cater the growing demand of this sector, without compromising on the quality of the products serviced.

Q 2. What are the sectors that demand an immediate attention from the government and industry alike?

Ans: Currently, cold chain services are mainly being used only for important products like medicines, vaccines etc., as temperature adherence for these products is of utmost necessity. Although, there is a very high scope for cold chain services for food sectors in the Indian market, gaps in service availed exist due to lack of proper knowledge & infrastructure for end to end cold chain services. Immediate attention from the government & industry is necessary especially in food sector including fruits & vegetables, processed food, poultry, flowers, etc.

Q 3. How is technology helping you reach the goal?

Ans: At TCI, we believe in entwining a process with technology to get a consistent, efficient and best quality solution. A three-layer control through technology is being operated at TCI Cold Chain services.

  1. GPS: Each reefer vehicle is equipped with GPS, ensuring continuous monitoring of the temperature, and real time tracking as a result of which it helps us to maintain the quality of the temperature sensitive products without any compromise.
  2. Data Logger: Our state of the art reefer vehicles are equipped with imported data loggers through which we can monitor & store data at high resolution.
  3. Usage of Thermometer: For maintaining control over the quality of products, temperature is recorded at the time of loading & then deviation is checked by re-recording the temperature at the time of unloading.
Q 4. What are the breakthrough innovations done by you in the cold chain space?

Ans: Continuous innovation & improvement is the true sense of success & customer satisfaction. At TCI innovation is deeply ingrained in the system. At TCI Cold Chain Services, we have introduced the concept of “Double Driver” to achieve timely delivery of products. With the implementation of this concept, we have been able to reduce transit time to a great extent & delivery is being done before target date. We operate a National Operations Center with remote access through which centralized control is being executed over our pan India cold chain operations. Apart from this we have installed RH controller in our reefer warehouse for maintaining the relative humidity of life sciences & healthcare products between 35-65% RH.

Q 5. What are the green initiatives taken by you?

Ans: We have deployed CNG vehicles in few major routes for secondary delivery. Solar panels are used at our cold chain warehouse for generating electricity. We are using ammonia as a refrigerant in our warehouse which possess a zero potential of ozone depletion & global warming and is considered as safe from environmental protection point of view.

Q 6. What are your strategies in place to take the cold chain growth story ahead?

Ans: Cold chain is the future of supply chain. To move the growth story of cold chain logistics in India ahead, we are taking a focused approach on each vertical like QSR, pharmaceuticals, poultry, processed food, and F&V.

We are planning on developing an end-to-end integrated cold chain network in the upcoming years to cater the growing demand of this sector without compromising on the quality of the products serviced.


Jasjit Sethi
Jasjit SethiMr. Jasjit heads TCI Supply Chain Solutions, which is part of Transport Corporation of India Group.
Mr. Jasjit Sethi, CEO, TCI SCS, is a well-known expert in the logistics & SCM industry and an alumni of Harvard Business School.

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