Top 10 Trends to Drive Performance of Packaging

Top 10 Trends to Drive Performance of Packaging

TCI GroupBy TCI Group August 29, 2019

Innovative companies are ensuring that they keep the bottom line in mind when they design new-age packaging materials. Decoding the list of ways efficient packaging can help you and your business grow and maintain that growth. Packaging is sure to affect multiple aspects of a product line and this puts the growth of business on the line as well. The level of efficiency that one can bring in to the business is vital to its success. Packaging costs can amount to about 40% of product cost and freight costs can be as high as 15%. Our latest Logistics Focus “Packaging in Logistics” takes a look at the top 10 trends that would drive Performance of Packaging.

  1. Going green with packages: With the advancements in packaging technologies and the development of innovative products like polyolefin materials, it is now possible to customize the packaging with styled cuts, dyes, prints, and custom designs, and still end up with a better result than corrugated and glass packaging while maintaining the intent of sustainability. These films are lightweight, long lasting and are recyclable.
  2. Plan your packaging:Many times, businesses make the mistake of leaving certain packaging decisions until the very end. This may lead to large or clunky packaging designs that may prove inefficient in the long run. Have a clear plan to convey your message to your audience and only then go for the production of packaging, keeping in mind every intricate detail.
  3. Harnessing automation: Stretch films are known to provide excellent protection for products throughout their lifecycles. The material is formulated to strong and handle large, palletized loads in transit while still keeping the structural integrity of the product intact. They are also highly compatible with automation solutions that can provide great cost reduction opportunities.
  4. Keeping track of the products: On an average, 0.5% of total shipments are lost due to inadequate packaging or unmarked containers. . This can be avoided by the efficient use of serial numbers and can provide additional benefits to the consumers.
  5. Collecting and analyzing data: The prices of materials like cardstock and polyolefin may vary based on month-to-month usage, and keeping a watch on the required volume may prove to have a significant impact on the packaging spend. One solution is bulk buying however, the best scenario, would be to partner up with a supplier who can keep an eye on such details so that you can focus on the packaging intricacies inside the plant.
  6. Regular auditing and maintenance: Regularly keeping the machinery in check and ensuring full-efficiency has huge benefits in the long term to ensure speedy and cost-effective functionality. Ensuring checks and investing in improvements may not only ensure speed, but may also cut down labour costs and lower product damage, contributing to the overall efficiency
  7. Training your team to align them with packaging goals: Reducing packaging waste is always an important task in business. Turning it into a team effort can further this intent by involving your team members and receiving active participation.
  8. Using lesser labels:Proactive designing and printing saves the cost of purchasing labels and also may prove sustainable in the long term.
  9. Packaging in optimized size: Optimizing packaging as per size matters. Using smaller, custom-designed boxes can have a multitude of advantages.
  10. Technology in packaging: Newer technologies that are linked to the IOTadvancements are coming up in the market, that ensure great package design and repair, while connecting professionals to assist the manufacturers in maximizing productivity.

The opportunity to make a distinct impression and create value through cost saving and sustainability has never been greater in the industry of packaging. To read more in detail just download our latest issue of Logistics Focus on “Packaging in Logistics”

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