Movement of Essential Goods through TCI

Movement of Essential Goods through TCI

TCI GroupBy TCI Group April 9, 2020

The entire supply chain had come to stand still post the lock down. Despite that, we realize that in this tough time of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is crucial for us to help you meet the challenges that you may be facing. For the same, at this critical period of crisis, we are here to support your business.

Our Container Rail Services for the domestic movement have been happening to transport items such as Salt, Soda, Alcohol, Acids which are used for making essential products. The movement has been faster since there are no passenger trains running.

Coastal shipping is operational too, however there is congestion at the ports. Our coastal ships are carrying food grains, pulses, medicines, vegetables to ports in Cochin, Mangalore, Tuticorin and Port Blair. Our Refrigerated trucks and warehouses are operational, carrying food and medicines. Also enabling Cloud Kitchens and Dark Kitchens of Food Delivery companies. We are also carrying food, ventilators, etc. through our normal and container trucks for NGOs, Dairies and manufacturers of these items.

In key places along with TCI Parivar we are running essential and critical operations. Of course we are maintaining precautions adhering to the strict guidelines with respect to sanitization from the central & state governments to run the Hubs, FMCG and E-commerce Warehouse operations.

On the warehousing side, both the FMCG & E-Commerce companies are operational and have started moving products, however the last mile distribution is still a problem. Our Hubs and warehouses both FMCG and E-Commerce are running right now to support essential supplies of soaps, food, sanitizers, etc.

We are taking full precautions for sanitization and ensuring protection for everyone. We have created internal protocols and guidelines. Only critical staff are allowed in each scenario. Vehicles, Drivers, Cleaners all have to go through set SOP of sanitization and health check-up. Physical distancing is being strictly maintained.

In our endeavor to continue to raise awareness and educate everyone to follow preventive hygiene practices, we have also put up informational posters and videos with an objective to create awareness and sensitize everyone in regards to Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Once the lockdown is over it would take the entire industry and business quite some time to come back to normal. The overall impact of Covid-19 will be that the growth would further slowdown due to disruption in economic activity.

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